Saving Energy To Save Your Small Business $$$: 3 Easy Steps

30 December 2015
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One of the most expensive parts of owning any small business are the overhead costs you need to pay just to set up shop. From paying your employees to settling your tax bill, out of control overhead costs can cut into any small business's profits.  One of the ways to reduce your small business's overhead costs is by reducing your energy bill. Here are 3 proven energy saving solutions to reduce your small business's energy costs and needs: Read More 

How To Use Images To Effectively Advertise Your Products

14 December 2015
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Images evoke emotions in the human mind and this quality is what makes it one of the most effective marketing tools for your business. The right images can get people talking about your product and increase your sales. Here are some tips to help you make the best use of images. Stay Away From Stock Images While you can often get some quality pictures when you buy stock photography, it may not be the best choice. Read More 

Maintainence Steps That Will Keep Your Copy Machine Working Well

25 November 2015
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If you own your own small business and you use a copy machine regularly for invoices and other documentation, you will most likely want to do whatever possible to keep it working. Failing to do routine maintenance steps to your copy machine can lead to unexpected downtime or costly repair. Here are some steps to take when caring for your copy machine so it stays in the best of shape for years to come. Read More 

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Your Point of Sale System

5 November 2015
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If you are operating your business without a point of sale system, you may quickly realize that your orders become jumbled and you have trouble keeping one order separate from the next. Point of sale systems are an important asset in any company, especially retail stores and restaurants. Before you purchase your point of sale system, don't make the following mistakes.  1. Not Knowing What You Want Before you can purchase your point of sale system, you must know what you want and need. Read More 

Avoid These 5 Things To Protect Your SUV’s New Windshield

19 October 2015
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Now that your SUV has its brand new windshield installed, there are some things that you need to avoid to prevent damaging its curing glue seal. A glue seal that is damaged during the curing process will cause your vehicle's windshield to leak water as it is exposed to the elements and ages. Avoid these five things to protect your SUV's new windshield from damage: Avoid Unnecessary Driving The day your SUV's new windshield is installed, you should not drive your vehicle if you can avoid doing so. Read More