Avoid These 5 Things To Protect Your SUV's New Windshield

19 October 2015
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Now that your SUV has its brand new windshield installed, there are some things that you need to avoid to prevent damaging its curing glue seal. A glue seal that is damaged during the curing process will cause your vehicle's windshield to leak water as it is exposed to the elements and ages.

Avoid these five things to protect your SUV's new windshield from damage:

Avoid Unnecessary Driving

The day your SUV's new windshield is installed, you should not drive your vehicle if you can avoid doing so. If you must drive, then you should make an effort to avoid:

  • bumpy roads

  • dirt or gravel roads

  • slamming your SUV's doors

  • driving at highway speeds.

Avoid Bumpy Roads

Driving over bumpy roads or those with a lot of potholes will move your SUV's windshield around in it's glue seal. If the seal has not had enough time to dry, then the new windshield can be jarred out of place. In an extreme case, the windshield can pop out of the vehicle completely. More commonly, the windshield will move slightly in the seal and develop leaks later down the road.

Avoid Dirt or Gravel Roads

The glue seal used to install your SUV's windshield will stay tacky for a day or two post-installation. For this reason, you should avoid driving on excessively dusty dirt or gravel roads. The dust particles will stick to the windshield seal's glue and can discolor it.

Avoid Slamming Your SUV's Doors

When the seal is still wet from installing the windshield in your SUV, you should keep each of the windows cracked and you should take care to avoid slamming its doors shut. The open windows will prevent pressure from building up within the car as the doors are closed. And slamming the doors can jar the windshield in the glue seal and cause it to move. Even a subtle movement can cause the windshield to leak in the future.

Avoid Driving at Highway Speeds

Finally, you should avoid driving at highway speeds until your SUV's new windshield glue seal has had a few days to completely cure and dry. When you drive at a high rate of speed, it places a lot of force against the windshield and can cause it to move around in the seal and become dislodged. This will form a crack in the seal that will leak when it rains or you go through the car wash.

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