Maintainence Steps That Will Keep Your Copy Machine Working Well

25 November 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


If you own your own small business and you use a copy machine regularly for invoices and other documentation, you will most likely want to do whatever possible to keep it working. Failing to do routine maintenance steps to your copy machine can lead to unexpected downtime or costly repair. Here are some steps to take when caring for your copy machine so it stays in the best of shape for years to come.

Clean The Glass

When you place a piece of paper on the glass portion of a copy machine, there is always a potential for a transfer of debris. Oil from your hands, excess ink and paper dust can build up on this surface over time. To avoid making unclear copies in addition to the possible transfer of grime into the copy machine mechanisms, this glass should be cleaned. Use an alcohol-based cleanser to remove any debris from the surface. Rub with a non-abrasive piece of cloth so there is no risk of scratching. Do this every few weeks for the best results.

Adhere To Specifications

Do not attempt to print on pieces of paper that are not made for your copy machine. Most machines will print best on paper of a standard basis weight of twenty pounds. Placing paper that is too thick, such as card stock, or too thin, like tissue paper, can cause the paper to become jammed in the rollers in the machine. If paper rips inside the machine, it can cause gears and belts to seize, leading to extensive repair work. Always stay within the paper weight standard range listed in the instruction manual for your specific copy machine model.

Check Paperwork First

Before placing papers into a paper feed to make copies, make sure there are no staples or paperclips attached. If you try to feed paperwork in with these office supplies attached, they can jam up the entire machine, causing it to become unusable without the use of a copy machine service to make a repair.

Change Toner Cartridges

If you fail to change out the toner cartridge regularly, your copies will become lighter and lighter in ink color. While this is not a hazard to your machine, tampering with the toner cartridge is. Do not add water or any type of ink to the cartridge in an attempt to prolong ink transfer when making copies. When an indicator light shows you are in need of toner, remove the old cartridge and replace with a brand new one for the best results.