How To Use Images To Effectively Advertise Your Products

14 December 2015
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Images evoke emotions in the human mind and this quality is what makes it one of the most effective marketing tools for your business. The right images can get people talking about your product and increase your sales. Here are some tips to help you make the best use of images.

Stay Away From Stock Images

While you can often get some quality pictures when you buy stock photography, it may not be the best choice. Stock photography is usually available for other businesses to purchase as well and this can significantly affect your brand. When using photography for your website or brochures, you want images that are unique to your company, and this usually means that you need to enlist the help of a photographer. While this can be more costly, in the long run it will help to keep your images unique and customers will not run into them on other websites or brochures, which can cause confusion about your brand.

Use Similar Images Across All Platforms

When it comes to branding for your business, you should keep the images similar on all the advertising platforms that you use. This means that you should use the same style and type of photography on your website, brochures and social media pages. Your photographer should meet with your web designer as well as anyone who you hire to make brochures, business cards or even flyers. Keeping a certain style of photography across all advertising platforms helps to maintain a consistent image in the eyes of the public and builds brand integrity.

Engage Fans With Photography

If your business is not yet on social media sites that encourage photo sharing, then you need to get on board. Images are powerful and people are using their cellphones to share them continuously. You should use this to your advantage by having fans of your product share photography related to your products. You can make it even more interesting by sponsoring photo sharing competitions and then giving away more of your product to the winner or even offering cash prizes for the best images.

The power of images to help you to advertise your brand is powerful. This is why you should take control of the images that are used to represent your business. Images are also a great way to encourage customers to show how they interact with your products and this helps you to create a relationship with them which increases customer loyalty. So talk with a professional photographer, such as those at Moorman Photographics, today to discuss how they can help you use images to benefit your business.