4 Advantages To Rekeying Locks Rather Than Replacing Them

30 December 2014
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Did you know that a lock can be rekeyed rather than replaced? The process of rekeying a lock involves altering the actual keyhole and key mechanism of the lock without changing the rest of the lock structure, which could include the door handle or the deadbolt. Rekeying is a more involved process but can be advantageous for a variety of reasons. 1. You Can Keep Antique or Unique Hardware If you have antique door knobs or expensive hardware that you don't want to replace, rekeying locks can be very beneficial. Read More 

Two Techniques You Can Use To Preserve Important Documents

23 December 2014
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Preserving important documents is important for many different reasons.  If you are a business owner, it's critical for you to keep your documents in good condition because you never know when a single form could end up being the difference between either keeping or losing an important client.  Proper document storage is especially key for families because items such as birth and marriage certificates are invaluable documents that you may need at a moment's notice. Read More 

2 Ways To Save Money On Your Storage Unit

19 December 2014
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When you start shopping for a storage unit, it can be surprising to find out how much certain spaces cost. With the average 10x15 foot unit costing upwards of $140 a month, you might be wondering what you can do to pinch your pennies. Here are two ways to save some money on storage: 1: Rent An Irregular Size When you start looking for a storage space, you might notice that most facilities offer a set variety of sizes. Read More 

How To Get High Traffic To Your Trade Show Stand

18 December 2014
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Gaining customer attraction at your trade stand over all the others around you can prove to be quite the challenge. The key to getting people to stop at your stand first and gain high traffic lies in letting people feel engaged in what you have to offer. From alerting your potential customers prior to the event to using monitor stands, discover effective ways to draw a crowd and get your product known. Read More