2 Ways To Save Money On Your Storage Unit

19 December 2014
 Categories: Business, Blog


When you start shopping for a storage unit, it can be surprising to find out how much certain spaces cost. With the average 10x15 foot unit costing upwards of $140 a month, you might be wondering what you can do to pinch your pennies. Here are two ways to save some money on storage:

1: Rent An Irregular Size

When you start looking for a storage space, you might notice that most facilities offer a set variety of sizes. However, because most building lots aren't perfectly geometrical, some facilities have units that are irregularly shaped. For example, if a storage complex is built on a triangular-shaped piece of land, there might be a few units towards the edges of the facility that are triangular too.

Because it isn't always easy to fit large beds or rectangular couches inside of a triangular-shaped room, most renters avoid strange units. However, some facilities offer these special spaces at a discount to increase their facility occupancy.

As you call your local storage facilities to check on prices, ask if they offer strangely-shaped units for a cheaper price. If you are filling the space with lots of little boxes or bags of clothes, it might not matter how the room is shaped anyway.

2: Ask About Discounts

After you find a clean, well-run facility, you might be ready to plop down your credit card and start moving your stuff. However, you might be eligible for monthly discounts just by asking a storage manager and showing an identification card. Here are a few discounts that you should ask about:

  • Military: If you serve in the armed forces, don't leave your military ID at home when you go to fill out storage unit paperwork. Some facilities offer free rent while you are away on duty, or a discounted rate throughout the year.
  • Senior: If you are a senior citizen, you might be eligible for a lower rental rate and have access to better units. Some facilities even set aside storage spaces that are easy to get to and have newer doors that aren't as hard to open.  
  • Student: Are you going home for the summer? If you are in college and plan on leaving town for the holidays, you might be able to store your things for a better price than you would for the rest of the year. Show your college ID when you rent, and ask if you are eligible for any student rates.

Saving money on storage might help you to free up your monthly budget, so that you can take care of other expenses. Ask a storage unit, such as Gorst Self Storage, about ways you can save.