How To Get High Traffic To Your Trade Show Stand

18 December 2014
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Gaining customer attraction at your trade stand over all the others around you can prove to be quite the challenge. The key to getting people to stop at your stand first and gain high traffic lies in letting people feel engaged in what you have to offer. From alerting your potential customers prior to the event to using monitor stands, discover effective ways to draw a crowd and get your product known.

Send your information out prior to the trade show

Use your email and contact list to your advantage and contact all your potential clientele before your trade show event occurs. This allows the people who were thinking of stopping by your stand to have an incentive to visit you first. Up to 70% of trade show attendees make up a list of the booths they are going to visit before they even walk in the trade show doors, so it's important that you reach out to any possible leads prior to the event even starting so you make sure you are on the list. If you are sending out mailers, postcards are the way to go—customers are less likely to throw a catchy postcard away.

Use monitor stands

Monitor stands provide many benefits to your booth. They take up little space, and the monitors allow you to display presentations, demonstrations, and running ads without your constant attention. As people walk by your stand they can be drawn in by the monitor displays, which allows you to make an impact on every person who comes in contact with your booth whether you have the ability to speak with each person individually or not. Make sure you have postcards, flyers, and newsletters available on your monitor stand so even the passersby can have information they can refer to later.

Add live demonstrations

Few things draw in a crowd more than a live demonstration at a trade show. Whether you are just showing people how a product works or using live volunteers to display the benefits of what you have to offer, you will draw more heavy traffic to your booth by encouraging curiosity in the crowd. Let people get involved by asking them to try products, ask questions, or challenge how your products work.

Your booth at a trade show can be one that people want to stop by if you use certain methods to help people get involved. From having a monitor displaying what you have to offer to giving people live demonstrations of what you have, you can gain high traffic and have a more successful trade show than ever before. Consult with professionals, such as those from, to see how they can best fill your needs.