Two Techniques You Can Use To Preserve Important Documents

23 December 2014
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Preserving important documents is important for many different reasons.  If you are a business owner, it's critical for you to keep your documents in good condition because you never know when a single form could end up being the difference between either keeping or losing an important client. 

Proper document storage is especially key for families because items such as birth and marriage certificates are invaluable documents that you may need at a moment's notice. 

While you may believe that it's okay to simply throw your important papers in an empty drawer, use this information to learn more about the techniques you can use to preserve your documents correctly.

Use Laminated Letter Size Pouches

One of the best ways for you to ensure the integrity of your documents is to always store them in laminated letter size pouches.  Placing your documents in letter size pouches helps to prevent issues such as runny ink, dog-eared paper corners and other forms of deterioration. 

To use the pouches, simply place your document within the opening of the pouch and use a laminating machine to seal it closed.  You can easily fit more than one document into each pouch, which makes an already inexpensive preservation tool even more cost effective.  An added benefit of using laminated pouches is that they increase the clarity of your documents, allowing you to have a great vantage point of the information listed on your forms without the need for excessive handling of the paper itself.

Always Choose A Climate Controlled Environment

Because their appearances are so different, it is very easy to forget that paper is made out of a natural product:  Trees.  This means that the material is subject to the same aging process as other living thing.  It also means that there are things you can do to slow down this process.

Storing your documents in a climate controlled environment can go a long way toward keeping your documents looking newer longer.  While some people choose to place their documents in either the attic or garage of their home, this is a bad idea.  Excessive heat can cause the wording on your forms to fade, leaving behind a barely legible piece of paper that you may no longer be able to read.

Always place your important documents in a portion of your home or office space that is subject to the climate listed on your thermostat.  If you don't have space in these areas, lease a climate controlled storage unit that will help to prevent your documents from becoming brittle.

You have what it takes to maintain the integrity of your documents for years to come.  Employ these techniques today so your key papers will be able to stand the test of time.