How To Fill An Industrial Position In A Difficult Job Market

11 May 2022
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Given the labor shortage, it is very difficult to recruit employees. However, in addition to employers generally struggling to recruit employees, industrial recruiters face the additional obstacle of attracting qualified employees to the industrial sector. When you are working with an industrial recruiter, you will be working with a partner who can assist you in making your recruitment efforts more successful.

Make Sure the Job Posting Is Accurate

Both you and the industrial recruiter should review the job posting thoroughly. There might need to be changes made to the job description or the job post that can facilitate the requirement of the talent. The job description needs to thoroughly capture each task that needs to be done.

Ask For Help When Dispelling Rumors About the Job

One of the challenges of recruiting employees to the industrial sector is that there is a false perception that industrial work is unskilled labor. In reality, most industrial employees are highly trained and these jobs can provide employees with a lot of job security. You will be able to better educate prospective job candidates by explaining what the job entails, and by inviting them to an event, such as an open house.

Send an Email First

With each applicant, you will want to send an email. If they respond to the email, they likely already have a strong interest in the job. It is usually not worth the resources to make multiple attempts to contact an employee.

Talk to the Employee on the Phone

However, the email shouldn't be the only way that you contact the employee. You will also want to contact them in a manner that is more personal. You want to focus on hiring an employee who will be passionate about what they are doing because they will be more likely to stay in their position and will also be more likely to complete the hiring process.

Look for Referrals

Employee referrals can be very useful when you are an industrial recruiter. The employee will be aware of the job that needs to be done and will be able to assist you in finding talent to fill the role. You will also always want to ask employees about what can be done to make their positions better and what can be done to improve the hiring process.

Bringing the right talent into your company can also make it easier to hire new employees. Fortunately, whenever you hire an industrial recruiting service, they will be able to help you through much of the process.

For more information, contact an industrial recruiting service.