Measure Soil Or Other Complex Substances With Ease Using A Portable HPLC System

15 September 2021
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High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a process that can allow lab workers, scientists or other experts to detect the exact breakdown of specific components or materials within a complex substance. As an example, perhaps your lab is testing nearby soil for signs of contamination. An HPLC system in your lab can analyze the soil and let you and the property owner know if the soil is healthy or contaminated and what the exact breakdown is in that regard. An HPLC system can turn its user into a chemist of sorts, allowing you each individual component within whatever you are examining.

In the agricultural space, such a system could be used to figure out if soil is fertile enough to farm upon or if soil is contaminated and posing an environmental threat. If you work in this field, here's how obtaining a portable HPLC system can benefit you, your company, and your client.

Save Money By Not Having to Transport Soil or Other Materials Back to the Lab

When someone who needs a soil examination or breakdown hires you, this typically involves sending someone out to the test site, collecting the material using your lab's methods to avoid further contamination or other issues and then returning the soil or other materials to your lab so the HPLC system can do its job. But every time you send an employee out to collect samples and then transport them back, it will cost your company a little bit of money. With a portable system, you only have to go out once and then can get the testing done right on-site with no costly transportation required.

Get Faster Results for Your Clients By Testing On-Site

A switch to portable HPLC systems will also speed things up for any current clients you have or new clients you acquire. You'll be able to get a read on what is going on without making the client wait for the lab results. You still might want to transport some materials back anyway and offer additional confirmation using your lab equipment, but you'll be able to give immediate feedback to the client as to what is going on, leaving them more satisfied with your service.

Expand Your Business By Offering On-Site Services for Farmers, Homeowners, and First Responders

Once you are able to conduct your testing on-site, you might find that your lab is more in demand. It could be a farmer who needs immediate information about his soil before planting seeds for the next year of crops or it could be a government entity who needs to know just how badly the soil has been contaminated following a mishap with an oil spill or a sewer line. When you can provide immediate service, you'll likely start getting more clients who want to take advantage of the speed your portable devices offer.

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