Ideas for the Perfect Cemetery Headstone Design

26 May 2021
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Many people think of funerals as the final place to pay respects to their loved ones. Funerals and memorial services are a way to honor the memory of deceased individuals. However, after the celebration of life has ended, marking the burial spot with a headstone is the final way to show honor. Headstones can be put into place even if there is not a body in a grave. These honorary headstones may be used when there are not any remains. This can happen in certain types of accidental deaths or missing persons cases. 

There is more to choosing a headstone than trying to decide on a headstone material and color. The wording on a headstone is important and can extend beyond basic facts such as name and date of death and departure. Sometimes quotes may adorn the headstone. Some families decide to choose headstones that are designed in a manner that is a reminder of something their loved ones enjoyed during life or how they would like to remember their loved ones. The following points can serve as ideas for headstone designs. 

Praying Hands

Some families have religious beliefs and may get comforted by choosing a headstone that reflects the religious belief of the family or of the deceased. They might choose to consider headstones that are shaped like praying hands. Another headstone shape that is associated with religion is a cross shape. It is also possible to request custom cemetery headstone engraving to reflect religious connotations.


Sometimes as years go by, it might be difficult to recall what a loved one looked like. Choosing to add a photograph to a headstone can serve as a gentle reminder even if the photo selected is a photo that was taken many years before death. 

Hat and Boots

This design is ideal for a loved one who loved things related to cowboys. Whether it be western movies and country music or working hands-on on a ranch and attending rodeos, you can not go wrong with a hat and boots headstone to honor a loved one who enjoyed these things in life. 

Heart-shaped Headstone

Hearts are associated with love. This makes this shape headstone a good sentiment for almost anyone. Heart-shaped headstones are a good choice when spouses intend to be buried side-by-side. They can share a headstone at their burial plot. 

A headstone business, such as Phoenixville Memorial Works, is a good resource to use to learn more about designing the perfect headstone for yourself and also for your loved ones. If you have specific things in mind, they can create a custom solution.