5 Helpful Tips To Enhance Your Chances Of Receiving Disability Benefits From Your Insurance As A Federal Employee

12 April 2021
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There are various criteria used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to determine whether you are eligible for federal employee disability insurance. Even if you're genuinely disabled, your claim's success depends on how you prove your case. Fortunately, individuals whose claims were rejected in the past can still reapply for employee disability cover.

This post highlights essential tips to increase your chances of receiving the disability benefits you deserve from your insurance.

File Your Claim Immediately

One crucial, must-do thing if you're a disabled federal worker is to seek social security disability benefits immediately since this process takes time. Doing your filing without hesitation allows for timely claim processing. Besides, your employee disability insurance usually has an expiry date, and failure to file your claim the soonest may mean running out of time.

Appeal Under 60 Days

According to a Social Security publication, you have 60 days to appeal a denied claim. While this is a very brief period to make revisions on your rejected application, you must quickly collect enough data to support your claim. But since you might not be aware of what's essential and what's not, consider hiring a disability benefits lawyer to expedite the process and present a more convincing case.

Present Comprehensive Medical Treatment Records

Another crucial consideration when you want to increase your chances of receiving disability benefits is your past medical treatment records. Most rejected claims happen because claimants submit incomplete details concerning their past medical records.  However, it'll be wise for you to include complete info, including treatment dates, the facility's name, address, location, and the practitioner's contacts.

Note Down Accurate Symptoms

A section of the Social Security Administration concerning benefits requires applicants to fill out symptoms experienced. To be on the safer side, include all contraindications you have in a precise and accurate manner. That'll, in turn, assist the SSA to match your condition with its impairment list. Furthermore, detailed information allows disability examiners to assess your limitations vividly.

Provide True Details Regarding Your Work History

Another vital consideration when applying for your disability insurance claims is your work history. It is an essential determinant used by examiners to gauge the extent of disability and how it limits your capabilities. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that you have provided these details correctly without any alterations whatsoever.

These five essential tips will help you boost your chances of receiving your insurance company's benefits if you are a federal employee.