Three Reasons To Purchase Craft Medical Cannabis For Your Dispensary Or Personal Use

20 November 2020
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Whether you are a dispensary that purchases cannabis for medical resale or you use medical cannabis, you need to understand what craft medical cannabis is and why it is a better choice than the commercially grown cannabis from large farms. The following are a few good reasons to consider buying this type of cannabis.

Craft cannabis growers are green growers

In many ways growing craft cannabis is analogous to organic farming. Many people are switching to organically grown produce because it is safer for the environment. Craft cannabis growers are smaller operations just like organic farmers. They do not use pesticides or chemicals in the soil for enrichment. Craft growers attempt to grow their cannabis naturally, using natural fertilizers to enrich the soil and avoid using dangerous pesticides. This not only keeps the environment clean but increases the safety of the cannabis that you consume.

Craft cannabis growers offer higher quality

Larger commercial growers are concerned about high yield for the land they use for cultivation. The quality is secondary to squeezing out as much production as possible. Although they are not oblivious to the idea of quality, they are only looking at an acceptable level of quality. For the craft grower, quality is everything. There is an art to growing high-quality cannabis, which is why they are also called artisan growers. It is only in recent years that these growers have been allowed to legally grow their cannabis. It was the large operations that received approval first, but they have been practicing their art for many years.

Craft cannabis growers are small farmers

When you purchase from craft growers, you are buying from small businesses, and more specifically from small farmers. Often these are family-owned businesses, just like small farms for other produce. And like most small farms, they operate a business that is sustainable. Large agricultural operations often use practices that result in damage to the environment because of chemical runoff and crops that become vulnerable to disease due to their dependence upon chemicals to grow.

Craft businesses have become popular in many areas of the economy. Beer is one example, but there are many in the area of organic farming. This includes craft cannabis growers. Like a craft beer, there is an art to what they do, and like organic growers of many foods, craft cannabis growers use no pesticides or other chemicals. They offer the highest-quality cannabis. This is especially important if you are using cannabis for medicinal purposes. And whether you are a dispensary or an end user, your purchase is helping small businesses.

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