An Industrial Labeling System For Inventory And Classification Purposes

12 June 2020
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It is important to keep track of computer and printer components that are used in-house and sold to your customers to ensure that reordering is conducted when necessary. Counting inventory and visually accessing materials are not the most efficient ways to handle your company's inventory needs. A labeling system that includes descriptions and barcodes will aid in keeping track of the materials that you have on hand.

How Will A Labeling System Be Helpful?

Each product that is stored on a racking system or a pallet should be categorized by type. A labeling system will ensure that products are placed in the areas that are designated for them and will reduce unsatisfying business transactions, which could occur if an incorrect product was pulled from a shelf and shipped to one of your clients.

A labeling system that is part of a computer inventory program will aid in keeping track of the current amount of each product. Industrial labels can be custom designed by you and your shipping and receiving staff and can be affixed to non-porous surfaces. 

What Will Your Labeling System Consist Of?

After purchasing a label maker, rolled labels, and a barcode reader, decide how you would like to upgrade the inventory. You and your employees can conduct the upgrades during the weekend or after hours to prevent interruptions which could affect the labeling process. Assign a name and a description for each new product that is either used in your industry or marketed toward your target audience.

Each name and description should be short enough to fit on a label. Use the beginning letters of a manufacturer's name or the beginning letters of the item type to come up with a shortened name that is symbolic of a product and use a series of numbers to create each barcode. This would be similar to how a barcode on a product that is sold in a retail shop would appear to a consumer. Each barcode will likely need to be hand-typed prior to printing out a label.

After all of the products have been assessed and a barcode has been created for each one, peel the paper backing from each industrial label and secure the barcodes to the shelving units and pallets that are used to display goods. If you would like to preserve each label for as long as possible, laminate the labels and secure them to index cards prior to displaying the cards from each shelving unit or pallet.

To learn more, contact a company that offers industrial labeling services.