3 Tips To Over Winter Your Lawn And Ensure Green Grass All Year Long

9 August 2016
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Landscaping can be a feature of your home that you spend a time caring for. This can include the grass in your lawn, which you keep well-groomed and green all summer. By the time fall arrives, it may start to change and become less attractive. This is a time when you may want to start applying treatments for the winter months. Here are some tips to help you keep your lawn green all year and prepare it for next summer:

1. Start Aerating Your Lawn In The Fall To Prepare For Fall Maintenance

During the process of preparing your lawn for the winter, aerating the lawn is one of the things that you will want to do. This is the process of perforating the lawn with some type of spikes, which has several benefits. Aerating the grass helps to allow air to get to thick lawn growth and roots. This helps promote new growth and helps allow the grass to hold water.

2. Dethatch Your Lawn To Get Rid Of Dead Grass And Make Room For New Growth

Dethatching your lawn is another maintenance task that you will want to consider doing. This is the process of removing old grass growth that has died. To do this, you will want to use a dethatching rake, which is one with stiff blades. Go around the lawn and use the dethatching rake to remove old dead grass and other debris to allow for new growth. If your lawn has severe dead patches, talk with a landscaping service about doing this with a dethatching attachment for a tractor before reseeding the lawn.

3. Fertilize And Over Seed With Cold Tolerant Grasses For Green Winter Growth

Once you have aerated and dethatched your lawn, it will be time to start seeding and fertilizing your lawn. During the fall, you can add a slow release fertilizer that will help add nutrients to the soil over time. For seeding, you may want to consider using a mixture of seeds that include cold tolerant grasses like wheat. This will help keep your lawn green all year lawn and create a healthy mixture of grass types for a more natural look lawn.

These are some tips that can help you keep the lawn green all year and how to prepare it for next summer. If you need help with your lawn maintenance, contact a landscaping service and talk with them about doing some of these things for you. \

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