Two Must-Have Features For Your Commercial Security System

21 June 2016
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These days, many security systems are purchased a la carte.  This means that there isn't necessarily a package in place for you to purchase, since you'll be able to pick out the features that are most important to you.  If you're selecting the security system for your business, you will most likely include the standard closed-circuit television (TV) monitoring system, along with an alarm and sensors.  However, there are a few other features that can beef up your security system even more.  Use this information to learn more about two must-have features for your next commercial security system.

Energy Management Functionality

Managing the energy usage at your place of business is absolutely critical if you want to remain profitable.  Excessive lighting, heating and cooling bills can take a definite toll on your budget if not watched carefully.

That's why energy management functionality is such a great feature for commercial security systems.  The functionality gives you the power to regulate the temperature at your place of business remotely.  For example, if you happen to have a busy day and rush out of your facility without turning off the lights, you can use an application on your Smartphone to do this from your location.  Also, if you can't recall whether or not you turned the heat or air conditioning off before leaving the workplace, this can also be done from an Internet capable device.

Energy management is critical for business facilities because there are usually so many people entering and exiting the space all the time.  One person forgetting to shut down the lights on a regular basis may result in huge energy costs that could have been avoided.

Video Notifications

Another feature that works well with commercial security systems is video notifications.  With video notifications, you'll be sent a snapshot of the offending incident directly to your text message or email inbox each time something has triggered the alarm.  At this point, you'll be given the chance to determine if the notification warrants police, fire or ambulance dispatch.

Video notifications are so valuable because they help to cut down on false alarms.  They also give you the opportunity to fine tune your security system, since you'll see firsthand which incidents tend to trigger the alarms.  It may be that there is a desk or chair situated too closely to the sensor.  You'll be able to see this and can rearrange things to keep false alarms at bay.

Getting the perfect commercial security system for your business helps to secure your staff and valuables.  Add these features to your next security system so you can enjoy these benefits and more. For more information, contact a local security company like Point 2 Point Systems