Learn How To Plan An Unexpected Cremation Of A Loved One

1 June 2016
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When someone passes away, many decisions regarding the person's burial are left for the family to decide, if the person did not do any funeral planning before they passed away. Knowing what to expect when someone passes is important. The guide below walks you through everything you need to know about planning a cremation (with professionals such as those from Peninsula Funeral Home) for someone when they pass.  

Someone Must Claim the Body of the Deceased

The first thing that must take place is that someone must claim the body of the person that has passed away. If the person was married, his or her spouse will need to go to the mortuary where the body is being held and identify the person who has passed away. If the person was not married, a direct relative, such as a parent, sibling, or even cousin can identify the body. Once the person is identified, the family can choose where they want the body to be transported to for preparation for cremation.

A Viewing Can Take Place Before Cremation

Many funeral homes will provide families with the option to have a viewing before the person is cremated so that the family can say goodbye to their loved one in a way that provides them closure. If your family wants to have a viewing before your family member is cremated, you can rent a casket to display your loved on in for a wake. Makeup can still be used to make their appearance more palatable. You can also choose to dress them in a suit or dress to show respect to them. After the viewing, they will be removed from the casket before they are cremated.

Consider What the Family Wants to Do with the Ashes

Finally, you need to decide what the family wants to do with the ashes. Some families choose to have ashes stored in an urn that is kept on a mantle in someone's home. Other families choose to have the ashes divided and placed into pieces of artwork or jewelry so that many members of the family can have a piece of the person that they lost. You can also choose to simply spread the ashes in a place where everyone can go and visit your loved one whenever they choose.    

Planning a funeral for someone that you loved can be very difficult for anyone to do. Taking the time to consider what will make the situation as bearable as possible will ensure that everyone is able to grieve and still accomplish the burial that your loved one deserves to have.