Why You Should Look Closely At Eco-Friendly Packing Solutions For Your Small Business

16 March 2016
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In today's world of business, more companies than ever before are becoming more aware of the environment and their impact on it. Many companies are looking at the materials they use for packaging and shipping when considering ways to shrink their environmental footprint. However, in doing so, many of those companies are inadvertently causing more waste to end up in the landfills. Learn more about the choices you may be making for recycled paper and plastic packing and shipping materials.

Recycled Paper Products And Durability

When it comes to your products, the packaging you choose for them is important because it acts as protection during shipping. When you choose recycled paper products, making sure you select the paper that is recycled from the all the same materials is essential for knowing how much protection it will provide for your products during shipping. For example, when newspaper is recycled, it is not as strong as recycled hard cardboard. If you ship a delicate product in a box with three sides made out of recycled newspaper and one side out of a stronger paper, you could end up writing off that product as a loss when it is damaged during shipping. Products damaged during shipping are the ones that will ultimately end up in the landfill. Always make sure the recycled paper materials you choose are the most durable available.

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Plastics May Be The Best Option For Your Product Packaging

If you avoid choosing plastic materials for your shipping and packaging needs, you might consider the fact that plastics are being recycled at record numbers. Fewer plastic items are ending up in the landfills, making it a a stronger, more durable eco-friendly choice than some paper packaging. By using recycled plastic materials for your shipping and packaging needs, you are helping to lower the number of plastics that end up in landfills. If your packages are marked as recycled, it can have a positive influence on your customers as well. Plastics offer safer shipping options for your products, making it a choice that will help to lower your profit losses from products damaged during transit.

When considering your costs for packaging and shipping materials, thinking ahead can help you make the most cost-effective choices. Think about each and every product's need for protection during shipping and how you can reduce your environmental footprint when labeling and packing that particular product during manufacturing. Planning ahead and doing your research when it comes to using recycled materials can help you save money and become informed about the latest trends in recycled packaging and shipping products.