3 Items To Make Sure Your Product Is Shipped Securely

6 February 2016
 Categories: Business, Blog


Individuals who sell items online and ship them to customers know the importance of having the right packing materials. Without the proper packing materials, items can end up destroyed or damaged in the shipping process. While you might think that your item is packaged securely, there are a few steps you can take to keep everything safe and secure while it is in route to the customer. Just follow the tips below to choose the right packing materials for your products.

Custom shipping boxes.

Many people grab any box they have around their home to ship the item out. Unfortunately, that isn't always in your best interest. You need a box that accommodates the size of the item. Using one that is two to three times the size of the product will end up causing the item to be jostled around as it goes through the shipping process. A custom shipping box will make sure your items are securely packaged inside, without you having to worry about a bunch of extra space that you don't need. There is no reason to pay for additional shipping fees on a box that is larger than your item needs.

Packing peanuts.

Beyond having the right box to ship your item in, you also need the right packing material. Packing peanuts work great for items that aren't as breakable. They provide a little added cushion, which is perfect for items like games, clothing, shoes and more. You can control the amount of packing peanuts to put into your box. The key is making sure your item is packed securely without overdoing it.

Bubble wrap.

If you are shipping items that could easily break, you need to wrap them in bubble wrap. Items like glasses, dishes and other breakables should be securely wrapped with the bubble wrap first. Then, you can put it into your box and pack the remaining space with packing peanuts. This will give you two layers of protection for your item to make sure it gets where it needs to go safely and securely. Don't take anything to chance when you are shipping something that could easily be broken in the shipping process.

By having the three items above on hand, you can make sure that each and every one of your items gets where it needs to be safely, securely and on time. You are better off having too much padding on your item than you are not having enough. Speak with professionals like Associated Paper & Supply for more information.