5 Tips to Increase the Security of Your Fleet Vehicles

14 September 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


Keeping your fleet cars secure is a vital part of any successful business. You want to protect both the cars and their contents safe from thieves and vandals, and the following tips can help.

Tip #1: Lock Up the Load

For fleet vehicles or trucks that carry tools or products, the load is the most tempting thing on the vehicle to thieves. The tool boxes or toppers on the back of a company truck likely came with simple handle locks from the manufacturer. Consider calling in a locksmith to upgrade the cover or tool box to an integrated lock that is similar to a deadbolt, or to install a padlock bay onto the cover. A locksmith like Advance Lock & Key can even install a simple device on the vehicle that will allow you to track it in the event that it is stolen.

Tip #2: Guard the Windows

Shatterproof film can be installed on vehicle windows that will make it more difficult for thieves to break in. You can install it as an aftermarket accessory or have it installed when you purchase the vehicle. Tinted windows are also a good idea, since they make it difficult to see into a vehicle.

Tip #3: Be Careful with Copies

It's a good idea to have extra keys for all your fleet vehicles, especially those that use transponder keys or chipped keys. Just make sure the keys are in a secure location inside your business. A commercial locksmith can install a bolt-down security safe that is operated by a passcode, so you can have a safe place for the keys. Make sure the locksmith also makes a copy for every fleet key at this time, so you have them all on hand if needed.

Tip #4: Secure the Lot

If your fleet cars stay on your company site after closing time, make sure the lot is well protected. A fenced in lot with security cameras can help deter thieves and vandals. Make sure the fence has a secure gate that can only be accessed by security code or key.

Tip #5: Train Your Staff

Finally, the best security strategies only work if they are implemented. Make sure the staff is in the habit of locking vehicles and covers each time they get out of the car, and that they also get into the habit of activating any alarms or security systems. Windows should be rolled up and any valuable equipment should be secured out of sight.