Three Things To Consider Before You Buy A Pressure Washer

26 August 2015
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Having a pressure washer handy at your home or business can save you time and money when you need to clean a vehicle or even a building to make it presentable. With so many pressure washers available on the market, it can occasionally be daunting to shop for this useful machine if you don't know exactly what you want. While your budget is obviously one major factor to consider, thinking about exactly how you plan to use the pressure washer can help you ensure that you buy the right one to suit your needs. Here are three factors to think about before you make your purchase.

Electric Vs. Gas Power

Pressure washers are commonly powered by either electricity or gas. Although either power source has its benefits, it's always important to think about your desired use of the machine. Electric pressure washers typically produce fewer pounds per square inch of pressure than those powered by gas. As such, electric-powered washers are better suited for lighter tasks such as cleaning your patio furniture and washing your car. A gas-powered machine generates more power, which means it's ideal for jobs in which you have to cut through heavy-duty built-up grime, such as cleaning a deck, spraying your driveway or washing the dirty siding of your home.

Construction Materials

Lower-end pressure washers often have plenty of plastic parts, while those at a higher price point include stronger materials such as metal. Although steel gives you more durability, the lightweight nature of plastic can also be ideal depending on your expected use for the machine. A pressure washer with several plastic components has a lighter weight, making it ideal to move with ease. If you're buying the machine for heavy-duty industrial purposes, opting for one with a stronger components made of metal can prevent damage over the years.

Tank Size

Think of the jobs for which you expect to use the pressure washer in order to help you choose the size of your machine's tank. Higher-output pressure washers go through water much quicker, which means that if you plan to tackle a job for that will take a significant amount of time, plan to buy a machine with a large tank to avoid frequently having to stop to fill up. For lighter jobs, a smaller tank can make the machine not only portable, but also provide enough water to finish the task at hand.

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