Four Tips To Prevent Vandalism At Your Business

28 July 2015
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Vandalism can be a real concern at your business. Vandalism comes in many forms, from nuisance behavior—like broken outdoor light fixtures—to major property crimes—like graffiti, broken windows, and theft. Regardless of the type of vandalism, they all cost your business money. The following tips can help you keep your building and property safe.

Tip #1: The Right Lights

Vandalism often happens under cover of darkness, so a well-lit business is less likely to become a target. Opt for bright lights on high poles, so vandals can't easily reach the lights to tamper with them. You can even choose light poles that have cages around the bulbs to further prevent damage. Place lights throughout your front lot and along the side and back of the building.

Tip #2: It's All In the Finish

Graffiti is a major headache, especially since you are usually stuck with the expenses of its removal. Anti-graffiti coatings are available that work reasonably well. You apply these clear coatings over the wall or other surface so that paint won't adhere to it anymore. You can then simply wash off any graffiti that does turn up.

Tip #3: Fence It In

A fence may be necessary if your business is a repeated target for vandals. A simple chain link fence (from companies like Security Fence) surrounding your entire property may be enough to dissuade people from messing around on your property after hours. You can have a rolling or automatic gate installed so you can quickly open up your parking lot for business each day.

Another option is to just fence off the problem areas. For example, if the rear of your building is a gathering spot for trouble, fence off access to the rear. You can even have the area completely caged in, which means the fencing extends over the top, if the area is narrow. This will prevent all access to the rear of your building. Talk to a fencing contractor about the different types of security fences available so you can pick one that works best for your business.

Tip #4: Stay On Top of Problems

After repeated issues, you may be tempted to give up. Things will likely get worse if you do, though. Report each new act of vandalism promptly. Often, vandalism happens in a specific pattern, so prompt reports can help law enforcement track down the perpetrators. Also, fix the vandalism damage as soon as possible. Leaving graffiti or other damage in place, especially if it's visible, can attract more vandals to the area because it appears that no one is going to report or act against any bad behavior.