Two Common Problems That Your Electric Business Sign May Encounter

12 July 2015
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Electric signs are essential for many modern businesses, but they can be prone to encounter a number of problems over the time you own them. Considering the sizable expense of these signs, these issues may be somewhat stressful when they arise. After learning the following couple of questions and answers that you may need answered to understand how to address some of the more routine problems that these signs can encounter.

Why Does The Sign Make A Burning Smell?

It is relatively common for business owners to find that their signs are emitting a burning smell when they are turned on. This problem can come from a variety sources, but one of the more common is excessive dust on the light. These lights become extremely hot, and this will ignite the dust particles. 

Usually, a thorough cleaning will correct this problem, but if it does not, then it may be caused by an electrical problem. In this case, you should leave the sign off until you are able to have a trained professional inspect and repair the sign. While you may not like the idea of leaving your sign off for a couple of days, failure to do this can lead to a fire, which can destroy your business.

What Causes The Sign To Flicker?

In addition to a burning odor, another routine issue is a flickering sign. This problem is often progressive, which means that it will gradually worsen until you have it repaired. Usually, this problem stems from some type of interference with the sign's power source. 

If you are noticing this problem developing, you should turn off the sign and closely inspect the power cord. When there are frayed portions of the cord, you will need to patch the damaged area. This can be done with a patch kit that can be purchased from most home improvement stores. If the cord is in good condition, this may be caused by a loose connection inside the sign, and this will require a professional to repair. 

Your business's electric sign is likely critical for helping attract new customers, but these signs may suffer any number of problems that will need to be addressed. In addition to creating a bad first impression for new customers, these problems can also pose fire risks for your business. By understanding why the sign makes a burning smell and what causes it to flicker, you will be in stronger position to have these issues addressed before they are able to cause problems for your enterprise. Click here to learn more about business signs.