Addressing A Couple Of Routine Air Conditioning Problems

4 June 2015
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A high-quality air conditioner is often considered an essential device for the modern home. While these systems can be remarkably efficient at keeping the interior of your home at a stable temperature, there are some problems that these units may encounter. Understanding what to do about pests in the ducts and ice on the outside part of the air conditioning system can help you to avoid major complications or inconveniences from these routine issues. 

How Can You Keep Pests Out Of Your Ducts?

Whether it is a beehive or a family of squirrels, unwanted pests in your air conditioning ducts can create major problems for your home. Sadly, there are some homeowners that are unaware of the steps that they can take to keep these pests from causing havoc. However, the exact step will depend on the type of pest that is causing problems for your system.

For example, if the problem is being caused by squirrels or other small animals, you may be able to discourage them from entering the ducts by placing motion activated lights at the entrances to scare them off. Also, you may use devices that emit sounds that are unpleasant to these pests, but undetectable to the occupants of the home.

When the problem is stemming from an insect infestation, you will likely need to use strong chemical toxins to eliminate this threat. Due to the dangers of being exposed to these substances, you may be better served by having a professional exterminator address this problem. 

What Should Be Done For An Exterior Unit With Ice On It?

If you live in an area that receives snow and ice during the winter, you may notice that ice has accumulated over the exterior of the unit. As long as it is not running, the ice will not pose a serious problem to the system. However, if you are wanting to run the fan setting to circulate the air inside your home,  you will need to remove the ice. Otherwise, it will prevent the system from getting enough air to function, and this may cause the motor to burn out.

To remove the ice, you will need to gently knock it off of the unit. Most of the ice should easily come free, but if you encounter patches that are difficult to remove, you may need to consider pouring a small amount of hot water on it to loosen it. Once it is loose, remove the ice and dry the surface before it can form a new layer of ice.

Keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly will entail protecting it from some common sources of problems. Knowing that steps can be taken to prevent pests from damaging your ducts and how to address an iced over exterior unit will help you to keep your unit safe from these routine issues. Learn more by contacting a business like Arnold Service Co.