Getting A Household Packed Up & Moved: How Local Movers Can Help

22 May 2015
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Do you need to get your belongings out of a rental property before the landlord changes the locks? The best way to get the job done in an efficient manner is leaving it up to professional movers, as they will make sure your belongings are safe during the process. Learn what you should know about getting services from a local household moving company to move your household.

Can Local Movers Relocate a Household in a Timely Manner?

Trying to get a household moved in a short period of time can be difficult if the process is not organized, even if your loved ones are helping. Local movers will plan your move from start to finish to make sure everything is moved in a productive manner. The move will also be fast because large pieces of furniture will be broken down before they are loaded on the moving truck. If you don't want your furniture disassembled, the movers can still get it moved fast by using simple manpower to safely lift and transport it. 

Will Local Movers Handle My Possessions Carefully?

Household movers can place your belongings in boxes with packing materials that will prevent items from moving around. The boxes will then be loaded onto the moving truck by a team of movers using one or more dollies. You can count on larger fragile items like mirrors to be moved out of your house with caution. These items will be wrapped in foam or another material to keep them safe inside the moving truck.

What If I Don't Have Time to Unpack?

If you don't want to unpack at your new location, the movers can do it for you. They can arrange your furniture and get you settled into your new place in no time. The services provided will depend on what you are willing to pay for. Keep in mind that you can get movers insurance in the event of an accident, so allowing other people to handle your belongings is nothing to worry about.

What Do Local Movers Charge on Average?

The average price based on hourly pay is $25 for each mover on the job. However, the overall price will depend on how far the movers are relocating your belongings. The size of the household being relocated will also be factored into the price. Packing up a home that is 5,000 square feet can cost an average of up to $1,800. Get in touch with a local moving company to get your household moved without you having to break a sweat!