Set Up A Decorative Pond On Your Business Property

7 May 2015
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If your business is located on a plain and bland piece of property, spruce it up by installing a simple pond and some decorative water features. The finished project will provide you and your customers with an attractive area to enjoy gazing at when entering or exiting the property.

Use The Following Materials

  • large shovel
  • tamping tool
  • sand
  • wheelbarrow
  • pond liner (these can be found through a company like Billboard Tarps)
  • submersible water pump
  • LED lighting (for around the pond)
  • decorative stones
  • artificial aquatic plants
  • floating decorations
  • landscaping pavers
  • potted plants
  • patio furniture
  • garden stakes
  • measuring tape
  • electrical source

Dig Out The Pond

Determine how large you would like the pond to be. Consider placing it close to your business so that it will be near an electrical outlet. Place garden stakes into the ground to mark the area that you are setting up the pond in. Dig out the outline of the pond with a large shovel. Dig down a couple feet deep. Put grass, dirt, and rocks into a wheelbarrow so that you can easily transport them to another part of your property.

After the outline is prepared, flatten down the base of the pond with a tamping tool. Hold onto the tool's handle and place the flat part on the dirt. Press down firmly. Use the tamping tool in each part of the base until the dirt is even and smooth. 

Assemble The Pond

Add a couple inches of fine sand into the base of the pond. The sand will prevent the pond liner from shifting. Insert the pond liner on top of the sand. Smooth out the liner's surface as you do this. Cover the edges of the liner with a couple inches of dirt. Press the dirt down firmly with the tamping tool to flatten and level the surface. Place landscaping pavers around the perimeter of the pond, inserting them in the dirt that is covering up the edge of the liner. Press each one down so that it stays in place.

Insert LED lights that are connected to stakes in between the pavers. If you do not want a lot of additional wiring near the pond, use lights that are battery operated.

Fill The Pond

Add a layer of decorative stones that is a couple inches deep in the bottom of the pond. Add water and artificial aquarium foliage to the pond. Many types of foliage have long stems that can be inserted in between some of the stones so that they are stabilized. Landscaping retailers and businesses that sell pond equipment often carry a full line of decorations that float. If you purchase some of these, place them in various parts of the pond.

Add a submersible water pump to of the interior sides of the pond. It will have a wire connected to it that needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. 

Arrange A Sitting Area

Set up some patio furniture near the new water feature. A small table and a few chairs will provide a sufficient area for your customers to sit down in and relax for a few minutes as they enjoy the view. Arrange some potted plants around the furniture to give the area a more decorative appearance. 

Clean the pond decorations with soapy water and a scrub brush when they become dirty. The water pump will help keep the water clean and you will not have to perform any additional maintenance. The pond will improve how your property looks and can be enjoyed during the day or night by each person who visits your business.