3 Critical Signs It's Time For In-Home Senior Care

19 April 2015
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Thinking about in-home care for a loved one can be a difficult thing. You may have been used to seeing them for decades as a vibrant, sharp, and lively human being. But as they begin to age and their abilities start to decline, you may have questions about whether or not it's truly time to get them daily assistance while they stay in their own home. Here are three red flags that can let you know that the time is right. 

Missing Multiple and / or Important Appointments

Everyone forgets things from time to time, sometimes even relatively important things like picking up children from school or going to class. However, when you notice that your loved one begins to do this repeatedly and over a fairly short period of time, like six months, it's a sign that they are losing their ability to remember dates and appointments. When left unaided, someone's memory can deteriorate to the point that they forget to do things that protect them from harm. These would include forgetting to turn off the car when they pull into their garage and close the door, forgetting to turn off their stove, or forgetting to lock their front door at night. 

Drastic, Unintended Weight Loss or Gain

Weight loss or gain can be a sign that someone is losing their ability to feed themselves properly. They could be experiencing physical pain when using certain implements that help them prepare food. For instance, no longer being able to safely bend to remove items from an oven. This means they'll either eat less (resulting in weight loss), or gain weight by eating more prepacked and fast foods than their body can handle (ordering pizza, for example). 

Hurting Themselves When Doing Everyday Tasks

When your loved one burns themselves while cooking, falls down stairs, bruises themselves running into door frames, or falls while taking a shower or bath, in-home care can actually be a lifesaver. If these incidents have taken place once, they can certainly happen again. And if your loved one is alone, they'll be highly vulnerable to experiencing prolonged pain, further injury, or even death. 

It's not always easy for us or our loved ones to admit that it's time for in-home care, but these signs shouldn't be ignored. In-home care from a service like Above And Beyond allows your loved one to maintain a sense of independence while you maintain your peace of mind about their well-being.