What Are The Benefits Of Auto Window Tinting?

8 April 2015
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Tinted windows do look good on a shiny sports car, blacked out truck, compact hatchback, or family sedan. There is something about a custom window tint that just makes the car look cooler. Window tint is not all for show. There are real benefits to tinting windows, both for comfort and health.

Health Benefits

There has been a lot of literature on the harmful nature of UV radiation. UV radiation can damage skin and eventually lead to skin cancer after prolonged exposure. The World Health Organization and U.S. Department of Health have both shown that UV radiation is a primary cause of non-melanoma skin cancers, with new cases affecting more than 1 million people worldwide, per year.

Auto window tinting can reduce the amount of UV radiation that makes it into the car by varying degrees, depending upon the type and level of film used. For example, one study found that there was a 93 percent reduction in skin cell death when the UV light first had to pass through window glass covered with UV-reducing film.

Most of the films on the market have been tested to block 99% or more UV radiation. Go to almost any auto tinting website and you can see the levels of protection that each brand of film provides.

Comfort Benefits

Window tinting does more than just block harmful radiation. A tinted window can also reflect heat that would normally penetrate to the interior of the car. Window tints can reduce between 40% and 70% of the heat. The result can be increased air conditioning efficiency and greater comfort.

Window tints can also reduce eye strain. Just like wearing sunglasses can keep you from squinting, window tinting lessens eye fatigue for driver and passengers.

Automotive Benefits

Window tinting can also help extend the life of your car by reducing wear and tear on your car's interior. Some of the benefits to your car include

  • Reduced fading of your car's interior.
  • Reduced cracking of leather seats.
  • Longer life for rubber, wood, and other fit and finish elements.
  • Added protection against glass shattering and holding it together if it is shattered.

Finally, there is the coolness factor. Tinting can make any car look better and feel special. A tint job can make you feel like you have a new car. With all of the different options, from metallic, to gray, to color-tinted, there is an auto window tint that is right for you.