How To Rent A Truck That Will Make Sure Your Employees Stay Safe

27 March 2015
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The larger a truck is, the more you have to worry about safety for drivers. This is because large hauling trucks often have increased difficulty with visibility, as well as more trouble with stopping due to the large weights involved. If you want to make sure you rent a truck that's going to make sure your employees stay safe on the road, there are a few new technologies out there that can help with this.

The Danger of Truck Fatalities

According to the International Journal of Injury Control and Safety Prevention, even though trucks are only 8% of the traffic on the highway, 11% of all fatal crashes on American highways occur with trucks. This is as many as 4,500 deaths per year just in the United States.

This means that for every extra truck that is added to the road, the number of fatalities goes up disproportionately. According to the studies, medium trucks were even more dangerous than the heaviest vehicles.

Driver Monitoring Systems

Normally when you're renting a large truck for employees, chances are good that your employees are driving it in order to haul goods a long way. The danger here is that they're going to become tired or even fall asleep at the wheel.

That's why it's important to consider options such as driver monitoring systems. Some recent versions of these systems includes a rating system where driver behavior is analyzed in real time in order to indicate any problems in their behavior such as driving too close to other people or becoming tired and losing alertness.

This is generally done with an inward facing camera. The system can alert the driver in real time, but it can also be used later to help the driver see potential mistakes they made.

Automatic Safety Systems

There are now enhanced safety features for trucks, such as those associated with control, that can detect when a dangerous situation is coming and automatically take measures to make emergency baking easier.

After all, large trucks have a serious danger of rolling over, jackknifing, or going out of control and becoming dangerous. Systems like this one can automatically turn the engine down and begin braking the truck to make it easier for a driver to stay in control of the vehicle.

After all, 90 percent of crashes involving trucks occur due to driver error, so it's important to try mitigating this in any way possible.

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