Pros And Cons Of Electric Wall Heaters

29 January 2015
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Electric wall heaters are different from standard forced-air heat, because they only heat up one room at a time. This allows you to only heat up the room you are currently in, instead of using the energy needed to heat up your entire house. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if electric wall heaters are the right choice for you.

Pro: They are easy to install

If you don't have any type of heat in your home, an electric wall heater is a great option. The unit itself is inexpensive, and they are very easy to install. You will have heat in the rooms you need it much faster with this type of unit, than if you try to have forced air heat installed. It is also easier to find a contractor willing to do it quickly since it is such a simple installation process.

Con: Operating costs are high

While it is true that electric wall heaters are cheaper to purchase and have installed, the operating costs are going to be higher. Not only will your energy bill take a bit of a hit if you need to turn them all on to heat all rooms in your home, but they can be costly to operate in general. You may save money by choosing one that uses gas or propane.

Pro: It is quiet

If you are struggling with a noisy heating system, consider the electric wall heater. They are virtually noiseless unless they need to be cleaned and maintained (from professionals such as Bel Air Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning). When you turn on the heat, you don't have to deal with the loud noise of a radiator turning on or central heat making its way through your vents.

Con: There is limited power

On the downside, you will have limited power when you use an electric wall heater. Since each heater is only meant to heat up one room, it won't have a lot of power even when turned all the way up. Similar to a fan, you will feel most of the heat when you are sitting directly in front of it. While it can warm up an entire room, you may need more than one wall unit in a larger room, such as a big family room.

Pro: There are fewer allergy issues

Since no ducts or vents are used for electric wall heaters, your allergies will thank you. If you have members of your household with allergy sensitivity to pet dander, dust, and dust mites, they will definitely be happy you chose a more allergy-friendly heating option. You will also notice that the warm air coming out of the appliance seems cleaner and fresher.