Five Ways To Change Your Pools Look Without Breaking The Bank

26 January 2015
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Pool renovation ideas are a dime a dozen if you have the money to do them. However, if you are operating on a shoestring budget, then you have to be careful about what you do with your money. Here are five remodeling ideas that can change your pool's look, and they are all relatively inexpensive:

LED Lighting

Installing LED lights is one of the fastest ways of transforming your pool's whole outlook. These lights come in different bright colors, so you can choose whatever looks good on your landscape. Apart from their relatively low prices, LED lights are also relatively energy efficient.

Fire Pit

Another thing that can transform your pool's look is a fire feature.  For example, you can create a stacked stone at the end of your pool, and create a fire pit and fire features on top of it. You can even combine it with a water bowl that drains into the pool for a more stunning look.

Waterline Tile

How do you feel about a waterline tile around your pool? Do you have one? If you don't, then you should know that this is also one of the things you can add to your pool without breaking the bank. This is especially the case if you already have a stone or pebble finish on or above your water line since you don't have to resurface the pool first. You can use tiles of different materials, but ceramic seems to be one of the cheapest.


If your pool doesn't have handrails, then you should think about adding them. This isn't just an aesthetic alteration; the rails are also necessary for the safety of older pool users. Make sure you go for the powder coated varieties that don't get so hot when the sun is shining. The shiny metals may be alright in terms of looks, but they can burn your hand terribly when they get hot.

Wok Pots

Pool water features are beautiful, but some of them aren't exactly cheap. Using wok pots, however, is a cheaper alternative that still looks great. The pots sit on the edges and pour water into the pool. Choose a pot design that matches in with your overall pool theme. For example, earthen wok pots work well with stone waterlines.

The specific costs of these renovations will depend on a number of factors such as the size of your pool and your location. Contact a pool technician to get a quote on your pool remodeling.