Taking Metal Sculpture To New Heights: How Your Art Becomes Monuments

6 January 2015
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Metal sculptors have several financial advantages over classic art painters. They can create everything from jewelry to monuments. In fact, most sculptors make a lot of money because they are able to market their art to a larger consumer group. People buy metal art for garden decorations, grave markers and historic sites. If you are a metal sculptor, focusing on monuments is an excellent way to get your name out in the public eye and really sell some art.

Seeking to Impress

Whatever sculptures you create in your studio, be sure to keep a picture portfolio of your best with you wherever you go. You never know who you are going to meet and who might be interested in your work. Additionally, seek out local government officials, doctors, and lawyers who like metal art. It will be obvious because the lawyers and doctors will display larger pieces in their yards and at their offices. Government officials often hire sculptors to create monuments for the city and its parks. You cannot impress them if you do not have something to show them.

When You See Several Monuments about Town

There is a very good chance that you have local government officials that like to spend money on metal sculptures when you see several of them about town. Notices for these commissions may or may not be posted in your local newspaper, but you can find out more from your mayor's office. The secretary there can refer you to any requests for art or calls for artists when the city is looking to memorialize a historic figure or just wants to commemorate an event.

Applying for the "Job"

When your art is something that you love to do, applying for a commissioned project is not like applying for a job. However, the application may read something like an employment application and you should still take it very seriously. Be sure to include pictures of your work such that the one commissioning the work gets a really good idea of what you can and could do as a monument piece. You may also receive a request to submit a sketch of an idea you have for the monument, in which case a digital drawing is more professional than a scribble on paper.

Getting Continuous "Work"

One successful project can lead to another, so you have to look at every commissioned work as a stepping stone to the next great project. The better you do to impress your first client the more work will follow, even though you will still have to apply and pursue it. Creating monuments can be as simple as a modern art sculpture or as complex as a mini Statue of Liberty. Regardless of what your client is looking for, it should always be your best work if you expect to work more.

It may also be a good idea to form a professional relationship with a company such as St Charbel Monuments. If a client comes to them and wishes to purchase a custom monument for a grave marker, you will be able to craft that piece.