Choosing A Computer Desk For Your Office

5 January 2015
 Categories: Business, Blog


What do you look for when buying a computer desk for your office? Do you go for the cheapest option or the most colorful one? People have different tastes, but some of the considerations you should include are:

Additional Uses of the Desk

Many people use their computer desks for other uses in addition to supporting the computer. Therefore, consider what you will be using the desk for before buying one.

For example, your office isn't likely to be paperless even if you have embraced technology. Will you be using a lot of files? Do you find yourself referencing books in your line of work? If so, then you need additional space for holding the paperwork. Or maybe you need a desk that you can use to hold a mini meeting in your office; in that case, a long desk that you can share with your guests would be proper.

Surface Material  

You may not give much thought to the surface material, but you should because they all have different attributes. For example, you should go with a:

  • Metal if you are mostly concerned with durability. It can take rough and heavy use without too much damage. Most of them don't look too professional, though, so consider your business image before buying one.
  • Laminate if you work in the creative industry and you want a colorful desk. Laminate desks are available in different colors and wood grain patterns, which increases their aesthetic value.
  • Wood if you want to project an expensive and professional image. Of course, you should be prepared to pay a premium price for it.


Suitable table ergonomics is necessary for your own well-being. This is especially the case if you will be spending most of your working hours on the desk. Some of the major points to consider, as far as ergonomics is concerned, include:

  • Height/clearance – desks heights are typically 29 to 30 inches. Consider your height before choosing one, especially if it isn't adjustable.
  • Leg opening – should have a minimum width of 27 inches for your legs' comfort.
  • Edge –the edges should not be sharp. If you must get one with a sharp edge, get a wrist pad.

If you can't get the appropriate specifications, get an adjustable table so that you can set it right once you are in the office.

Buying a computer desk shouldn't be a rushed decision. Take your time so that you can get the most suitable one for your use. Many furniture supplies can even custom-make a piece for you if you can't find what you are looking for in their stores. Visit this page for more options.